First Comment!

I’ve been neglecting the blog, sadly. The upside is that really good progress is happening on the Psalms/Cassiodorus book. I should stick some stuff from there up here to test some reactions…

inwardly-digestOne of the things I’ve been intending to do here, though, is to ask those of you who have read Inwardly Digest to post a review of it on Amazon. Positive reviews are always good for prospective readers, but also count for quite a bit behind the scenes in the ranking/display algorithms.

When I surfed over this morning, I found to my surprise that I had a reader review! It’s the very first and totally unsolicited—I don’t even think it’s someone I’ve encountered online yet (as far as I can tell…) and it’s a very gracious 5-star review!

It looks lonely, though; I think it wants company…

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