Feelings on the Communion

Jake has a post up on stages of grief concerning the breakup of the Communion. I think it’s quite appropriate to think about it in those terms. One of the things that keeps coming to me as this whole thing proceeds is the odd realization that I’ll probably be the new “conservative” wing of TEC…

4 thoughts on “Feelings on the Communion

  1. *Christopher

    What’s funny is though you and I may differ on some particular matters, I think that a whole lot of folks I’m in conversation with on the web will be considered conservative. I came to seminary considered liberal by my Roman Catholic friends, the seminary I attended thought me one of the few conservatives because I believe in the Trinity, Incarnation, Jesus’ divinity, and can recite the Creeds without my fingers crossed. Many of the folks so considered are so for many reasons, but liturgically especially. I know my latest post would raise the ire of many who have their sights set on revising our BCP. I guess we’ll get back to what we do best, fighting about worship!

  2. *Christopher

    Let the sex wars end and the worship wars resume!

    We’re now back to your regular scheduled programming. :)

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