Falling Behind

I’ve fallen a little behind on Leo… I need to go back and notate Monday’s because that was the true heart of the sermon. Things have been busy—in good though distracting ways. I’m in the midst of a big finishing push on the dissertation. I bit the bullet and revamped a section that seriously needed it last night; through evidence against the wall to see what sticks really isn’t as effective as making an actual argument with said evidence… I also got a last-minute contract extension but am now getting dumped in the thick of it at the job—an excellent problem to have especially after contemplating the alternative!

To leave with a final bit of nonesense, here’s my album cover from the latest meme that’s going around which is cooler than most…:


2 thoughts on “Falling Behind

  1. brian m

    Congrats on biting one bullet and dodging another. Still running halfs in the spring?

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