Extremely Brief Update

*This is the first time I’ve touched the computer in days.
*M is preaching tomorrow; I’m helping out a little. (Yeah, they’re not wasting any time…)
*I’ve been spending some time with the Anglican Missal and have some thoughts to share when I get a chance.
*H eats like a horse and is a little poo machine.

More later.

3 thoughts on “Extremely Brief Update

  1. LutherPunk

    Looking forward to the Anglican Missal thoughts.

    I thought about posting about the Anglican Breviary, and then realized all it would say is: Book is too damn complicated. Use BCP. SO I abstained.

  2. *Christopher

    I look forward to these as well. I seriously pondered purchasing a Roman Breviary this last week, as I miss the more full versions for the Office, but the BCP seems to keep it simple as we discovered this weekend, and since I continue to want to promote the BCP as a shared thing, I think it best to just stick with what C and I both know.

    I am pondering M. Johnson’s Benedictine Breviary, but it just causes me to yearn for the Roman one. Sometimes these days I think we’re more into our options than actually doing with what we have. And we mess around every Sunday with the divine service in an attempt to keep up when perhaps staying with the same old for a while would deepen us.

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