Episco-pitch: The Short Version

A number of people have been posting their elevator pitch for the Episcopal Church. A while back I did my elevator pitch for the faith in general which I still quite like. But here’s my take. It assumes a very short elevator ride:

Faith seeking Understanding,
Rapt in the beauty of holiness.
Treading the sacramental path into love.

Perhaps it even qualifies as an Episcopal haiku rather than elevator pitch…

1 thought on “Episco-pitch: The Short Version

  1. Bernard Brandt

    If the time has come to suggest ‘tweets’ or ‘pitches’ for Christianity, then the one that I would choose, and the one that I shall be singing at Pascha next Saturday midnight, would and will be:

    Christ is risen from the dead!
    Trampling down death by death,
    and upon those in the tombs bestowing life!

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