Electronic Anglican Breviary?

An odd confluence of events has come together over the last few weeks which has led me to seriously consider an idea that I’ve had on the back-burner for a long time.

Is there interest in an electronic edition of the Anglican Breviary?

In functionality it would be like the St. Bede’s Breviary (but with fewer preference issues!), and would offer a completely free and open-source use experience. If the situation warranted it, a mobile app for a modest price might accompany it. In addition, material from the Anglican Breviary—in particular, a wealth of seasonal and sanctoral antiphons, hymns, and patristic readings—would also become available to supplement the St. Bede’s Breviary.

In order to do it free, however, within a reasonable amount of time, and to keep my family fed at the same time, I would need to do it as a Kickstarter project. So, on an initial informal trial basis, I’m attempting to gauge whether it would be worth the time to put such a proposal together. If you are interested, click below:

9 thoughts on “Electronic Anglican Breviary?

  1. J. Sanchez

    If it were to be offered, I would definitely use it. I use the 1964 Roman Breviary (yes, I said *’64*) for Lent and sometimes Advent, but I would prefer to stay Anglican for those seasons as well.

  2. Jim Nuzzo

    I tried to see if I could download St Bede’s on the iPhone. It isn’t in the “App Store.” Will it be anytime soon?

  3. Will Westerfield

    I’d be happy to help you develop it. I am working on a Benedictine Rule/Meditation app with another colleague as we speak.

  4. James Somes

    An Anglican Breviary would be great for those of us who are Western Orthodox! Can it be set up to include an option for those of us who use the Revised Julian Calendar? For example, Sunday October, 6 is actually the 14th Sunday after Trinity.

  5. Derek Olsen

    Certainly! I’ve seen from the Facebook group that there are many Western Orthodox who use it, so I would definitely provide for the calendars in use by those groups.

  6. James Somes

    The Antiochian Western Rite Vicariate uses the Revised Julian calendar, so all the fixed days would be the same as the Gregorian, the difference would be Easter and those associated feasts depending on its fall on the calendar.

    Those that use the liturgy of St. Tikon are former Anglicans and number Sundays after Trinity. They would use the Anglican Breviary.

    Those that use the Gregorian liturgy, are former Roman Catholics or Lutherans and number Sundays after Pentecost. They use the old Roman Breviary.

    ROCOR uses the old Julian calendar, but have their own standard breviary patterned after the Roman Breviary across the various uses in the Vicariate. Some use the old Sarum, Mozarabic, Ambrosian, or Gallican Breviary.

    Hope this helps.

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