Easter Even Update

Triduum has come and gone and we stand in the Great Fifty Days. As usual at this point, I’m quite tired from life around the house and now have 95% of Easter dinner cleaned up.

The girls and I spent the liturgical portion of the week at Church of the Advent which delivered tremendously. It’s a pleasure to see a community in the area that embraces a robust Anglo-Catholic sensibility within the Rite II idiom. It reminds me of Smokey Mary’s more than any parish I’ve been to recently. (And that’s always a good thing in my book.)

I’ve not been near the computer much except to dash off the previous installment on the kalendar; I still have yet to find the perfect Easter image for the breviary—I need to at least put up the adequate if not the perfect… If you’re late to the party like me, you need to get over and read Christopher’s piece at the Cafe. It’s a challenging item that ties together several different issues from a variety of angles. I’m still reflecting on it.

The girls received The Princess and the Frog as an Easter present from my in-laws and I watched it for them tonight. Suffice it to say that American Studies majors have a decade worth of dissertation topics dissecting Disney’s latest engagement with issues of race, class, and gender.

I’ll continue to be more off than on over the next several days as life continues to occur.

3 thoughts on “Easter Even Update

  1. Hoosierpalian


    Thank you for your kind words on the Advent. It has been a pleasure having you and your family with us during the past several weeks. I hope that we will continue to see you, although I feel I must warn you that sooner or later, all newcomers are approached by the rector and/or the deacon and put to work in order to make our somewhat shoestring operation more robustly Anglo-Catholic and sensible. If such a thing be possible, of course!


  2. Hoosierpalian

    Oh, excellent. The rector knows all of the good coffee and scheming spots in South Baltimore.

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