Duck Mode

I’ve been in duck mode for about the past month or so. All is quiet, but there’s massive amounts of churn below the surface… Hopefully this will be coming to an end very soon. Here are some of the things in progress:

  • I’m finishing up a major software project which is where most of my time has been focused.
  • I’ll soon be debuting a brand-new code-base at the breviary. Most of the code changes I’ve made at the breviary over the years have been fairly small and incremental. This isn’t. I’m seeing more evidence of complications with the preferences, especially with iDevices. This change should resolve that and should make navigating the options easier and cleaner. I will retain the “classic” format as the main entry point to the breviary, but will put up copious links to the new method and invite input. Additions/corrections will occur there until I’m happy with it, then that will become the default. I will likely keep the classic version somewhere as a backup.
  • The St Bede Psalmcast will resume from its hiatus.
  • In concert with that, I’ll be posting a lot more as I dive head first into the Cassiodorus/Psalms book projects.
  • Speaking of books—I’m now hearing June from the Forward Movement folks on the prayer book spirituality book, but I’ve seen cover art and internal layout! It looks fantastic, and can’t wait to share more…
  • Standing Commission on Liturgy & Music meetings have been happening, I’m again co-chairing the Calendar subcommittee and have some things to say about that. I’m also part of the subcommittee to discuss a plan for the process of revising the BCP. And, yes, I have thoughts there too…

But remember, all of this is my “spare time” stuff! The day job continues, dance competitions are springing up all over the calendar, and M will be starting her new job as rector of a parish in the area on Monday!

Pray for us…

2 thoughts on “Duck Mode

  1. Helen Brotemarkle

    Derek, I enjoy this blog very much and it is always interesting to see the many ‘pies’ you are part of.
    Best Wishes for all that you do.
    Helen Brotemarkle

  2. William Moorhead

    Blessings and good wishes on all the fun stuff you are working on!

    Regarding the SCLM: I know there’s a lot of talk about how big and far ranging the calendar of saints has become. I don’t have a big problem with that, for the most part, but I do suggest that instead of having just “Major Feasts” and (what we used to call) “Lesser Feasts,” we make a further distinction between “Major Feasts,” “Lesser Feasts” (or perhaps some better designation), and “Commemorations.” “Lesser Feasts” (or whatever) would include all the significant saints of the universal church and of the Anglican Communion; “Commemorations” would be the many important and worthy folks in whom interest may be more limited.

    I am frequently struck by the irony that the more “Major” a saint is, the less we are likely actually to know something about them. (E.g. St. Matthias.)

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