Diminished Presence

I’ll not be posting much or be online much for a while. Some major projects are in the works that are demanding my attention.

One of them is moving. Our household will be leaving our current area and will head up towards the general Washington/Baltimore area later this summer. That alone will keep us busy in addition to securing housing, employment, schools, etc.

Items will still appear at the Cafe and I’ll note them here, but I doubt much else will appear…

I’ll also give what I hope to be my final foot update: three months to the day my doctor took me off of all antibiotics. I still have some pain—especially in mornings and evenings—but the orthopedist said that is caused by a weakening of the foot ligature where the infection was. He said it should tighten back up and the pain will go away in another six to eight weeks. I was hoping to start running again, but he said no running until after July 4th which is unfortunately especially given local traditions. Nevertheless, good news overall.