Cyprian on Baptism

I ran across this excerpt over the weekend in the Ancient Christian Commentary on Mark while looking at Sunday’s Gospel text:

Even to the foulest offenders, when they afterward believe, remiussion of sin is granted. On this premise2 no one is prohibited from Baptism and grace. How much more should an infant be admitted, who, just born, has not sinned in any respect, except that, being born of the flesh of Adam, has in his first birth contracted the contagion of the ancient deadly nature. Would not such a child obtain remission of sins with the less difficulty, because not his own actual guilt, but that of another is so remitted? Our sentence therefore, dearest brother, in the Council was that none by us should be prohibited from baptism and the grace of God, who is merciful and kind to all. (Cyprian, Letters, Epistle 58)

Oh—CG, there should be a way to make the underlined blue items disappear at NewAdvent (linked to above), but it’s a little technical. I believe that a local style sheet would over ride their style sheet at which point you could (in essence) tell it not to display the hyperlinks. I’d have to research how you could do that; perhaps another reader with better css kung fu could comment…

6 thoughts on “Cyprian on Baptism

  1. bls

    Yes, you can fix the blue underline thing by using a user-defined stylesheet. This is easy in Safari, but quite nerdy-complex in Mozilla Firefox (will elaborate if you insist); don’t know about IE.

    All you have to do is put this code:

    a {color: #000; text-decoration:none}

    into a file and call it whatever you want, with a .css extension. Then, while on New Advent and in Safari, go (under the little gear icon) to “Preferences – Advanced” and find that file on your machine using the dropdown labeled “Style sheet.”

    That will make all the blue highlighted items black instead, so that they will not stand out. Unfortunately, it will do the same thing on every website you visit, which you probably don’t want – unless you unselect that stylesheet again – so you’d only want to do this on New Advent, probably.

  2. bls

    Oops – get that last curly bracket out of there. The code should be only:

    a {color: #000; text-decoration:none}

    (Although it doesn’t seem to hurt anything, actually, with the bracket in there….)

  3. bls

    FYI, in IE (8, anyway), it’s the same. Go to “Internet Options – Accessibility” and just upload the .css file.

    Not sure any of this is worth it, but….

  4. CG

    Thanks for your multiple tries, bls. I use Firefox, and, in any case, you are right – I don’t want non-black text obliterated on every website I visit, nor do I use New Advent often enough to make it worthwhile switching a fix on and off. So I’ll either have to get used to it or not visit and invest in some of those Ancient Christian Commentary volumes myself.

  5. bls

    Well, actually, it would only obliterate non-black links, not everything. Still, it’s way more trouble than it’s worth.

    At some point, I have no doubt, we’ll be able to assign stylesheets to particular sites for just this kind of thing, but (as far as I know) that point has not yet occurred….

  6. bls

    Actually, I found a Firefox add-on that will do this: it’s called “Stylish,” and you can set up different stylesheets for different sites, just as I was thinking above.

    I got rid of the underscore for the links, BUT – I can’t seem to make the text black. Don’t know what that’s about, but I’ll look into it and report back what I find….

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