Concert Review

Thanks to Anastasia watching the girls, M and I got out to a concert last night. Overall, it was very good. We caught two acts, the first one of the main Emo groups currently circulated, the other a band I didn’t know of except for a song or two.


The first was good—but strange. In terms of set and outfit they had a minimalist thing going on so everything was white. Except the rainbow suspenders. M nailed it when she said, “You know,  [the lead singer] looks just like Mork…” But with more tattoos. The Old-School Goth in me had difficulty accepting a band dressed in white, but the music was solid and it was a pretty high energy set.


The second was a pleasant surprise. I just knew a few of their dance-y, pop-y songs and was prepared to be unimpressed. Instead, it was quality 70’s-style guitar rock. Very reminiscent of the Stones, the Beatles and having some alternate Oasis and Elvis moments. Style-wise, not a great fit for the crowd; when they started playing folks started heading for the door. Given the composition of the crowd, I figured a lot of them just had to get some sleep so they wouldn’t be late for home-room this morning… Their drummer was fabulous—I was very impressed—and the lead was a great performer who quickly won over the people who stayed. Bottom-line, it was a great set too but in different ways from the first. I loved their show, but probably wouldn’t buy their cd.


Overall, a great night on the town. And Lil’ G apparently had a great time making a mess of things with Kizzy…

4 thoughts on “Concert Review

  1. Anastasia

    oh oh, and I wasn’t supposed to tell you this, but G told us “at home, when H. falls off the couch, she bonks her head on the floor.” So, you know. now we know.

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    Ack!! I didn’t know that we put H on the couch at home… I wonder what G’s referring to.

    Huh? Fear of camels? –I’d have warned you had I known…

  3. Anastasia

    oh who knows what she was talking about. maybe she made it up. and yah, she said camels are scary. we had a camel bedtime story.

    anyway, i’m just messing around.

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