Checking Things Off!

I’m slowly working my way down a list of things to get done.

I’m trying really hard to not start any new projects this year. Instead, I’m trying to finishing a bunch of things that I had started but never actually completed.

Chief among those are the Anglican Breviary project and the upgrade to the breviary which I started on but got stuck in the middle.

An important part of deciding what to do is also deciding what not to do. The Anglican Breviary domain is expiring, and I’m trying to make the decision whether to renew that and continue that project in the way I had been, or to move it into a different space. We’ll see… I’m also still paying for the podcast service even though I haven’t been actively podcasting for a while. As much as I enjoyed that project, I don’t know if it’s worth continuing in its current incarnation. It served a particular role in my research for the Cassiodorus books. With the first volume done, I’m evaluating whether it’s an effective use of time.

4 thoughts on “Checking Things Off!

  1. Elizabeth H. Oakes

    It is SO important for me to be able to get to the Daily Office with the correct readings, etc.. Please don’t delete that. I have arthritis and memory challenges.

  2. Mark K. Fulk

    I am very much enjoying the St. Bede Breviary; if that is what you are referring to, please do not take it down.

  3. George Hayhoe

    The Anglican Breviary is of no particular interest to me, but please do complete the upgrade to the St. Bede Breviary. It’s become an integral part of my prayer life and would be lost without it!

  4. Keith N. McKenna

    I for one would like to see the Anglican Breviary completed. I would eagerly volunteer to help in any way that I can with that effort.

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