Things are changing info-wise. For those of you who actually visit my site and look at my page you’ll notice it’s in flux (again). I decided I just couldn’t live with the font combos any more… Those of you who read by rss feed won’t have noticed a thing, of course, but I’ve got a question for y’all: what rss reader do you use and why?

I learned today that my old stand-by bloglines is going belly-up and I need to find a new aggregator. I’m playing with Google reader but am confused by it at the moment–I’m still used to the Bloglines paradigm. Are there any aggregators out there that let you easily view comments?

As I mess with things the blogroll will be changing. It seems like I’ve been using and pruning it less and less recently and it no longer reflects what’s in my feed-reader. It’s due for an overhaul.

7 thoughts on “Change

  1. Andy

    I use Google Reader, because it was the first one that I tried. Plus, I’ve already sold my e-mail and Calendar to Google, why not the blogs I read, too? :D

  2. Michelle

    I also use Google Reader. Its mobile ap for the iPhone is pretty good.

    I don’t know of one that allows you to see comments. You can set wordpress to email you all comments and I think you can respond to them by email. Granted, my blogs don’t get nearly the number of comments that yours does so its not much of a problem for me.

    WordPress also has an ap for the iPhone that allows you to read, approve and respond to comments. I imagine they have something similar for other mobile devices.

  3. Michael S

    I read on Google Reader. The only time I click through to people’s blogs is to read comments, or if they’ve set it to not allow the whole thing to be viewed through RSS.

  4. Breen

    I’m also looking for a new reader. I tried Google Reader once, but went back to Bloglines.
    Are there any others out there anymore?

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