Change is…Change

I just switched to the new Blogger. It looks like it blew away a lot of my comments…

I’m not yet thrilled…

Update: Oh wait, they’re back now. That inspires so much confidence in me…

Further Update: Yeah, I changed the template. I also cleaned up some dead links on the blog-roll and changed where others go to get to the right place. I have the feeling I may have pruned some or redirected some wrongly. If I did or, conversely, if you want to be over there and aren’t, drop me at email at haligweorc [at] hotmail.

6 thoughts on “Change is…Change

  1. Annie

    Shocking! ;) I like it!

    I changed ISPs a while back and had to go back to Blogger. If you don’t want to add me back to the list, I understand.

    Myriad Musings


  2. Annie

    Yeah, that’s what happened!

    I was just checking to make sure the link worked and discovered I have misplaced all my “Faithful weblogs” links. So your blog isn’t on my list either. I’ll have to get that fixed ASAP.

  3. Derek the Ænglican

    Thanks, fogey. This is more my palette anyway…

    Of course, you’re just saying you like the new look because with an alpha-sort blog-roll you’re at the top… ;-)

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