Cat’s in the Doghouse and Other News

  • My cat is so in the doghouse right now. I have two computers by my bed—my work laptop and a PC I use for my other work. Connectivity is made possible by two fifty-foot ethernet cables running down the hall to the library. The cat chewed through one of them… So now I have to alternate between one and the other. And I’m (successfully so far) fighting the temptation to hack one of my neighbors’ unprotected wireless networks…
  • Just returned home from my daily IV treatment at the doctor and got an update. There are still no plans for surgery but the daily IV treatments will continue through the end of March. I think I’m going to have a pick(pic?) line put in. That’s an IV site that is implanted in my arm and snakes through a vein to the heart. It can stay in for up to a year and means I won’t need a new IV site every couple of days like right now. The pick line will be a good thing because I don’t think the veins in my arms will last another month…

4 thoughts on “Cat’s in the Doghouse and Other News

  1. Fr Chris

    I will admit I do sponge others’ WiFi from time to time, despite locking my own down.

    However, my bishop’s neighbors are too smart. I’m always internet-less when I visit him! :-(

    Continuing prayers for your health and well-being. I don’t know that I could deal with IVs and the like. *shudder*

  2. meg

    We leave our router wide open with full knowledge that neighbors may use it. When we lived next to the campus guesthouse, we provided wireless to the visitors. I say go ahead and latch on. If you feel bad, why don’t you ask? They’ll almost certainly say yes, you know.

    Do go ahead and get a pic line — anything to stave off surgery and protect those veins. I’m just really sorry you need one!

  3. Tim Cravens

    Actually, Chris, your bishop’s neighbors are too busy smoking pot, drinking, and playing loud music to have wifi. (Chris’s bishop bought a condo just before the real estate market tanked, and the units bought by the realtors who planned to flip them are being rented to irresponsible college students.) And your bishop’s chapel’s door is now kept closed between services to keep the feline members of the household from wreaking havoc on the altar . . .

    Derek, you don’t know me, but I do read and enjoy your blog and you have been in my prayers for healing.

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