Cassiodorus Milestone!

Good news—the full draft of the long-awaited (and overdue) Cassiodorus book is done! The bad news is that I need to cut out about 14,000 words before I can send it off to the publisher. I’ve already identified some sections that need to go, and some that can be slimmed down, and a few sections rendered redundant by the course of chapters shifting while writing.

Some of the material is fun and interesting, but just won’t fit; as I trim I may post some of it here. It may not make it into the final work, but at least somebody will get to read it!

1 thought on “Cassiodorus Milestone!

  1. Derek, do please let us know where and when it's available. thanks. (Fr) John Porter

    dear Derek,
    Please do let us know where and when it will be available. I absolutely dote on Cassiodorus.
    (Fr) John Porter (The Advent, SF)

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