Busy Night: Normal Life

We’re doing some short-term elder-care right now for a colleague’s aunt who has mild Alzheimer’s. M and the girls have been there all day for the past week plus. It’s a rough schedule and fairly exhausting. I help out when I can in evenings and weekends–so I was there all day today. (It’s like dealing with three toddlers instead of two–one of whom has the same conversation with you every fifteen minutes or so.)

Now, M is at the desk behind me finishing up a sermon for tomorrow’s supply gig; I’m trying to figure out how to install Oracle on my test server since it turns out that my side-job’s web host is discontinuing MySQL support. What fun…

3 thoughts on “Busy Night: Normal Life

  1. Anastasia

    seriously, every 15 minutes. You’re not kidding.

    having seen it, I really can imagine how exhausting it would be all day long, especially when the actual toddlers are getting bored and stir crazy.


  2. LP

    when i spoke to M last week, she said you guys had your hands pretty full. how much longer will this be going on?

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