Brief Notes

  • Halloween was great! The girls were really cute and M did an amazing job decorating the house. I may post some pictures once I get them out of the camera.
  • I had a post brewing on the importance of All Souls—but then the Lutheran Zephyr posted a nice piece that drew on something I wrote a few years ago. No use being a broken record so I’ll just refer you there…
  • Life is on rocket rails until the end of the semester; posting will continue to be light.
  • Who all will M and I see at the Society of Biblical Literature meeting this year?

10 thoughts on “Brief Notes

  1. Anastasia

    me! me!

    don’t even get me started on all souls. sigh. at least we get to observe it as a parish this year. even though it’s just too somber…

  2. Mother Laura

    I’ll be there (though I identify with the AAR half)–giving a paper on Perpetua and Felicitas Saturday, and interviewing on Sunday.

    Are you presenting?

  3. Mother Laura

    Good luck on those interviews–they do often call at the very last minute. (I just have one so far, though it is my first pick of the tiny spread of medieval jobs).

  4. Derek the Ænglican

    Thanks, Mother Laura—that’s what I’ve heard…

    Meg, I know the Bible folk generally do but I haven’t heard of one yet—but we tend to get a good mix of AAR and SBL on this site; if there’s enough interest maybe a meet-up would be in order…

  5. meg

    I know that there’s one other blogging medievalist who will be at SBL, but we’re both kind of hangers-on (ie, teaching in English depts).

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