Brief Daily Office Programming Note

The St. Bede’s Breviary is celebrating today as Corpus Christi as a local Feast of Our Lord with a commemoration of the Visitation.

Forward Movement’s Daily Prayer is celebrating today as the Visitation.

This is one of the possible conjunctions that had never occurred to me but which the liturgical cycles throw together on occasion. The beauty of having two similar resources like this is that they split the difference and offer both options!

2 thoughts on “Brief Daily Office Programming Note

  1. Geoff McL.

    In Canada, it arises only if one is keeping the Visitation on the BAS date *and* Corpus Christi (which is neither official kalendar, but provided for in the quasi-official McCausland’s Ordo) on the Thursday. Parishes that do the latter are rare enough, and most of them are prayer-book parishes, so it probably affects few places in practice. McCausland’s itself says that if today is kept as Corpus Christi, the Visitation may be pushed ahead to tomorrow.

  2. Whit Johnstone

    The problem with Forward Movement’s prayer is that it doesn’t offer enough options. In particular, you can’t choose the traditional Lord’s Prayer in Rite II, or choose to use only Suffrages A in Morning Prayer and Suffrages B in Evening Prayer. Thus, even though I paid for the Forward Movement app I still use St. Bede’s Breviary. I don’t mind because I know you get paid for the app.

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