Breaking News: Fire at VTS Chapel

There’s apparently a fire at VTS. What’s odd is that M was just there for an SCP Solemn High Mass. I sure hope the low-churchers there knew how to put the thurible out properly!

Update: M said that the SCP didn’t do the mass—it was the seminary’s worship group that did it; the SCP group was only there in attendance.

Further Update: This has been picked up by the Lead and ENS and other places and the news is not good at all. From FaceBook:

“Seminary chapel is definitely consumed. Windows are melted and roof is completely gone. All that is left is brick.”

1 thought on “Breaking News: Fire at VTS Chapel

  1. T. E. Kroh

    It is so very sad. When I spoke with Mthr. O today I was still in shock and didn’t really believe it. So many of us were formed as priests in that place. I will miss it deeply.

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