Big Bed Update

I’m typing away in here, the Muse is going and suddenly I hear a loud thump from the next room, a moment of silence, then wailing… Lil’ H had indeed fallen out of bed.

Actually, the transition’s been going well. No more nocturnal wanderings. *fingers crossed* The major problem we’re having now with her has no relation to the crib/bed change. It’s that whenever we put her in pj’s with pants, whenever she feels wet she’ll strip off her pants and the wet diaper—which, as nature continues its course through the night and calls again, leads to 2 AM wailing and a lot of sheets and mattress pads that need washing…

4 thoughts on “Big Bed Update

  1. John-Julian, OJN

    You know, there are a lot of costs to being a celibate — but at least occasionally the rewards become blessedly evident!

  2. Highlyeccentric

    If you haven’t already, get a plastic mattress protector, or- for less rustling- a good quality rubber one. i still have mine on my bed, under the fabric mattress protector.

  3. Christopher

    I hope she’s okay.

    I was just about to recommend the same thing, a plastic protector.

    Someone happened to recommend one of those to us long after the puppy was well trained to use a litterbox lined with newspaper– the best thing we ever did given we work all day. We’d wake up to him peeing on us in bed and have to scramble in the wee hours to change sheets, clean up. He soon learned to wake me, always me, at Midnight, 3, and 5 by licking me in the face.

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