Speaking to the Soul at the Episcopal Caf has a snippet from the Epistle of Barnabas up for the feast of the same today. The Epistle is most likely not by Barnabas, of course, but is considered a legitimate writing of the Apostolic Fathers. The Epistle is primarily a work against Judaizing tendencies and pushes hard a very allegorical reading of the Law.

I have a rather intimate familiarity with this text since it was the one I chose to focus on for my Patristic Greek exam. My favorite part is the section on the allegorical interpretation of weasels…

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  1. Caelius Spinator

    From Wikipedia:

    “Most mustelid reproduction involves embryonic diapause. The embryo does not immediately implant in the uterus, but remains dormant for a period of time. No development takes place as long as the embryo remains unattached to the uterine lining. As a result, the normal gestation period is extended, sometimes up to a year. This allows the young to be born under more favorable environmental conditions. Reproduction has a large energy cost and it is to a female’s benefit to have available food and mild weather. The young are more likely to survive if birth occurs after previous offspring have been weaned.”

    Let the blogger understand.

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