As Stolen from Anastasia

First 10 on the Morning Random Playlist:

Atmosphere (Joy Division)
Heart and Soul (Joy Division)
Wearing and Tearing (Zeppelin)
Splintered in Her Head (The Cure)
Stairway to Heaven (Zeppelin)
Cold (The Cure)
Love (Anonymous 4/Hildegard von Bingen)
Wake up (Rage Against the Machine)
I’M Looking Forward to It (NIN)
This is a Lie (The Cure)

Tonight we leave on the road trip to DC. Following Fr. Director’s advice, my
main goal is just to mingle and meet people, especially those of my own age
and situation–because they’ll be my colleagues in the coming decades…

So–I’ll be having an Anglican-Politics-Free weekend on what may turn out to
be an eventful couple of days.

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