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Since I’ve been using Rite II for the Daily Office during Lent and wanted to kick things up a notch today, I used a catholic-minded Rite II resource—A Monastic Breviary from the Order of the Holy Cross. (Thanks again, Brian M!)

One of the things that sets this book apart from other non-Roman breviaries is that it uses fixed psalms on first class feasts and provides 5 antiphons for first class feasts and an antiphon for second class. So MP today had Pss 24, 29, 72, 93, 100 with proper antiphons. It also provides a hymn (which I recognized as one of the traditional Marian breviary hymns but I’ve been too busy/lazy to look up its Latin title) and a gospel antiphon—this one drawn directly from Scripture.

It’s a nice balance, contemporary and catholic.

3 thoughts on “Annunciation MP

  1. Brian M

    You’re quite welcome! The hymn is Quem terra, pontus, aethera, from Venantius Fortunatus. I think the MB version is based on Neale’s translation, but modernized.

  2. marshmk

    Derek, can you please provide some additional description of the contents and use of the Monastic Breviary? How is it different from praying the Daily Offices of the BCP? I looked on the HC website but it did not offer additional information. Thank you and congratulations on sending off your dissertation.

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