Announcement #3: Daily Office on iDevices!

(More) Big news!

Forward Movement has released their very first mobile app; it’s available for both the iPhone and the iPad. Named Forward Day by Day after their main product, it contains the full text of not only the Forward Day by Day devotional but also a full-featured—and customizable—Daily Office application!

As I mentioned before, Scott Gunn approached me a while back about adapting the St Bede’s Breviary code. With the help of an internet co-conspirator, we did the Daily Prayer site, but now the iPhone version is officially out.

And it looks great!

What we’ve got here is the regular BCP Office as you’ll find it on the breviary, but with a more limited set of options. You won’t find your Marian devotions here, but it’ll let you switch between rites and kalendars and a few other things.

The full details are laid out here in the official press release. It retails for $6.99 and that includes the full text of Foward Day by Day in addition to the awesome Office stuff and the kalendar extras we’ve built in, etc.  If you have an iDevice, you really need to get yourself this app… Click here to go to the iTunes app section and get yourself one! (And, yes, as part of the development team, I do earn a small amount from each sale so each one you buy is like a little thank-you note to the beautiful and long-suffering M who wonders out loud if I’m doing anything useful  at that computer… :-D)

If you’re like M and me, though, and have an Android device—I’m told that’s in the works and should be out in a little bit.

3 thoughts on “Announcement #3: Daily Office on iDevices!

  1. David B

    It’s a nice product, and worth the money, but “Today’s Meditation” is wider than the screen on my iPhone 3S, making it quite a pain to read the text.

  2. Derek Olsen

    We figured out what was wrong with that; it’s a data entry error—the Forward Movement folks are still getting used to the process of putting the new entries in.

  3. Mark

    Thanks for the last line of the post, the information about android. I imagine you’ll post the news about that when it’s up and running. Thanks.

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