Yesterday was our 8th anniversary. I’m generally not known for being a romantic. Not necessarily because I’m *not* romantic but because I don’t normally plan ahead and set up things that are going to be romantic… I actually did ok yesterday, though, even with the constraints of two kids and a quite limited budget.

I woke M with breakfast in bed which was crepes simply dressed with lemon and sugar (n.b.: I found myself wishing I’d made lemon-sugar—I’ll have to try that next time.). On my return home from work, I brought an inexpensive but good bottle of wine and a bag with spinach dip and gnocchis from our favorite upscale Italian place (one order of the gnocchis feeds both of us with left-overs to spare…). I had set up a screened-in pavilion on our notoriously mosquito-infested deck and festooned it with little white Christmas lights. M fed the girls a quick supper and we put them to bed shortly thereafter, then we enjoyed our dinner in the pavilion, under the lights, accompanied by Glenn Miller’s greatest hits (snuck into M’s iPod when she wasn’t looking). After a leisurely dinner, we pushed the table out of the way for some dancing before we retired.

All in all, a wonderful evening with a wonderful wife.

5 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Fr Chris

    Congratulations to both of you! But you’ve shamed me with the dancing part — I need to learn, as my wife loves social dancing and I’m quite inept. :-)

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    Hey, Fr. Chris–I didn’t say the dancing *wasn’t* inept, I just said we did it…

    M’s trained in classical and jazz dance, but no ballroom. I had ballroom in college, but seem to have lost it all in the intervening years. We keep saying that once life calms down we’ll do dancing lessons together.

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