Anglo-Catholics: The Next Generation

I’m so loving this!!:

My Mass Kit+Booklet

Kit includes twelve cleanable pieces and a detailed companion booklet contained in a durable, canvas case. Crucifix, Chalice, Thurible, Finger Bowl, 2 Cruets, 2 Candles, Paten (cotton/polyester blend), Corporal & Purificator (cotton cloth), and play Hosts (foam). All other pieces are cotton/polyester blend, carrying case is nylon.

Ages 3-8

MagnifiKid! included while supplies last

In case you didn’t catch that—PLUSH THURIBLE!!

My kids already play church and they steal crucifixes and candles and start co-opting drinking cups, etc.  They would adore this (when they can get it away from us). When ordering, though, we just won’t tell them that our kids are girls…

7 thoughts on “Anglo-Catholics: The Next Generation

  1. Chris

    This is awesome, Derek! Not sure I need the thurible, but still … do they have dress-up liturgical garb, too? I’d love to add a chausable to my girls’ dress-up bin which is filled with princess dresses and fairy wings at this moment …

  2. Geoff

    Kids today are just getting lazy. Back in the 90s I had to make due with my mother’s bathrobe, a packet of Ritz crackers, and a glass of fruit punch.

  3. The young fogey

    So many vocations get started that way! My priest knew he wanted to be one when he was 4 (he’s been one for more than 30). Every day for some time when he was a child there was Mass in the church and later Andy’s Mass at home. Why not? Ordinands have ‘practice Masses’; same thing but with the real gear. It’ll shock you but I never did that because I didn’t climb aboard Anglo-Catholicism until I was 13, past that stage.

  4. Vicki McGrath

    Glad to see this! When I teach Eucharist instruction classes to 1st and 2nd graders (not 1st Communion in the RC sense, but a further step in the kids’ formation) we do exactly this one day. They try on albs, chasubles, surplices stoles, etc. We get out all the vessels and they get to handle them, ask questions, set the table. And I always tell them that I put the alb on first because it is a symbol of my baptism, a grown-up christening dress – and that I stand at the altar first as a baptized person, and then as an ordained one. They always have fun with this, and I’m sure some of it sinks in.

  5. Harry

    I’m so happy to have been referred to your website by an OJN Oblate friend! Reading the comments takes me back to my RC childhood, playing Mass up in Grandma’s back storage room, vestments made of the old paper dry cleaning garment covers!
    I LOVE the kit! Too bad my granddaughter is just about to go into her teens — don’t think it would fly as a Christmas gift this year! But the “Goth/industrial soundtrack” might…!

  6. Hoosierpalian

    Chris! Not sure you need the thurible?! I am hoping that this is because your child already has several to play with…

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