Anglican Gradual & Sacramentary Back Online

As I wrote previously, I am going to be hosting the files/content for David White’s Anglican Gradual & Sacramentary. For more information on this resource, check out that initial post.

I have an index page up from which the current and corrected files can be downloaded. For the time being, it’s functional rather than pretty—pretty will come later. That page is located here.

Particularly pertinent for the present time, the propers for Corpus Christi are located in the sections labeled “Temporal Cycle–>Moveable Feasts after Pentecost”.

1 thought on “Anglican Gradual & Sacramentary Back Online

  1. Don A.

    I see that only RTF files are available, which makes sense when some would like to work directly on the document. Any chance that a PDF edition of the extant files will be available soon for us who only want to read what is there? Thanks

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