…And I’m Back…

…with a some update and a bleg. And no, I haven’t yet begin to wade through my back feeds so more may be coming later as I sort out what all’s gone on since I left…

  • We got a place. We like it. M, as many of you know personally, is both wise and beautiful. At the moment, though, I’m doubting her sanity. She is planning for us to move in on August 1st. As in, the one 11 days from now… But–the girls are with the grandparents so we’ll be in a packing frenzy. Expect posting to be light…
  • I did see that Christopher is setting up a new blog to talk about a rule of life. I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about this, especially how it can be achieved in a busy…well, okay, chaotic…household with two preschoolers. I’ve got some solid ideas but nothing yet written. These will come later…
  • Thanks for keeping an eye on the pointy-hats for me–they seem not to have done anything too silly. Yet… 

On now to the bleg. This is for those who use the 1662 BCP or are familiar with its use particularly in the English Prayerbook Catholic paradigm:

  • Both the original 1662 lectionary and the 1922 update have quite a number of options in them. What patterns of use are favored–and why?
  • All of the red-letter days are supplied with collects, readings etc. Black-letter days obviously don’t change the readings–but how are they observed, there being no Commons of Saints?
  • The lectionary and kalender seem to indicate that 1st Vespers are not the custom of this prayer book. However, reading through the Rules to Order the Service, item 5 legislates it (“shall” be said) for all Sundays and red-letter days and item 6 leaves the option open. Is there a standard practice or much variability?
  • Also, the Rules to Order the Service make much causal mention of “memorials”, which I take to be supplementary collects in the fashion of commemorations. Are there other directions on memorials that I’m somehow missing?

Of course, I’ll consult my older written sources: Directorum Anglicanum and the 1st edition of Ritual Notes on these but I’d like to here about current use as well… Thanks in advance!

6 thoughts on “…And I’m Back…

  1. Anastasia

    we move the 5th. I’m starting to freak out…and I already did a bunch of packing to stage the house. Then again, I suspect we have significantly more wordly possession than ya’ll do.

    glad you found a place you like. That’s excellent news.

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    Anastasia–I’m definitely at the freaking out stage.

    Thanks, Brian! Yeah, I thought the Propoesed 28 might have something like that but I hadn’t checked it yet.

    I take it you switch back to the irst for Year 1?

  3. Brian M

    If I make it to Year One using the 1922, then yes, that’s how I will do it. Given the epic nature of the lections, and my own lack of discipline when it comes to sticking with a single form of office or lectionary, this is not guaranteed!

    I also use the special lessons for certain red letter days not found in the English ’22 or US ’43 from Fr. Hartzell’s old Prayer Book Office. Unfortunately I forgot to bring them with me today, to use for Mary Magdalene. I can scan those and send them along if you’d like.

    When it comes to figuring out issues of precedence, I and II Vespers, etc. I tend to stick to the 1979 calendar with a few Catholic additions. You may be interested to know that the Order of the Holy Cross issues an Ordo for use with its Monastic Breviary that can also be used with the 1979 if you limit your observances to collects. I can scan it for you and send it along if you think it would be helpful.

    Finally, when you do think about drafting a Rule for loosely Benedictine Episcopalians with two kids and tenuous housing and financial circumstances, by all means, please share it!

  4. Derek the Ænglican

    Brian M–I’d love to see those! Send them to my hotmail account when you get a chance.

    Yes, I’ve been doing some serious thinking about a family liveable Rule and hope to have a substantive post on it soon.

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