An Incomplete Update

I’m here in Milwaukee for the SCLM meeting, and we’ve just concluded the first day of our deliberations.

The main topic for the morning was my proposal on Holy Women, Holy Men. It was not accepted as drafted. However, we have come to a compromise that I think is workable; further meetings over the next couple of days will hash out some aspects of the compromise that are currently up in the air. I’d rather not comment on the nature of the compromise yet while so much remains provisional. Rather, I will have much more certainty and specifics on Wednesday and will post on it then.

3 thoughts on “An Incomplete Update

  1. Small Farmer in Frisco

    Derek, your proposal shows much wisdom and thank you for your work on it!

  2. Fr. Aaron Orear

    While in Cream City, do stop by All Saints Cathedral (if that’s not already where you’re meeting) and say hello for me. It’s been too long.

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