Almost Back Online

I’ve been silent here and elsewhere for the last week or so because we were all at the great Mouse House in Florida; M and I both went to Disney World once when we were kids and decided that the time had come for the girls to have that experience too. Some parts of it were strange, some down-right repellent (seriously? the world’s largest creator of disposable consumer culture trying to present a heavy-handed environmental message?), but the girls were delighted and we were delighted at seeing their delight.

So, we’re back. I have quite a lot to dig through with work, family, and home stuff, and *then* catching up on blogs and the lower-profile General Convention items. More will appear in time—right now, however, I need to go slice peppers and strawberries…

2 thoughts on “Almost Back Online

  1. bls

    Welcome back! Never been to any Land of Dis, myself, so have no clue at all – but it’s always a good thing when kids are delighted, I always say….

  2. Gerry Hough

    Welcome back, thought you might be at General Convention. Sounds like you made the better choice and I’m sure the children agree. At times Disney is very hard to take, but kids do love it.
    Our daughter never seemed to want anything to do with it, despite that we were in Florida once or twice a year. Beaches yes, Dolphin swimming, yes, Zoos, animal parks you name it. Mouse House never made the top ten list.
    Take your time settling in, the Church after all has been holding it down for millenia.

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