All Saints Sisters Update

I saw my spiritual director today. After direction proper he filled me in on the whole All Saints Sisters situation. The major take-aways of interest to my readers are these:

  • Yes, ten of the sisters as a group are going to Rome; two are not at the current time.
  • Exactly when they will be received has not been nailed down; it may or may not be September 3rd.
  • The Archbishop of Baltimore travels to Rome where matters concerning the official canonical status of the Sisters will be discussed including whether they are to bea community constituted within the Anglican Use.
  • The current hope and belief is that they will be an Anglican Use community. Liturgically, this would mean keeping the Monastic Diurnal (the ’29 Coverdale Psalter is already approved by Rome under Anglican Use provision) and mass would be said according to the Book of Divine Worship.

That’s all the news for now…

3 thoughts on “All Saints Sisters Update

  1. brian m

    One wonders if your director will carry on as chaplain after his own conversion. That said, the disjuncture between the Monastic Diurnal and BDW Kalendars is pretty serious–I wonder how that will be reconciled. Perhaps they could convince the Spring Bank monks to provide copies of their office books . . .

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    He doesn’t know yet. Much is up in the air about both the convent and about his own process.

    I hadn’t thought about the kalendar issue—I don’t know that it’s unreconcilable. After all, the OF and EF kalendars are rather different as well. (I.e., Rome is open to more than one kalendar). The main issue, I’d think, is that IIRC, the Diurnal maintains Pre-Lent & uses Sundays after Trinity, correct? I’d think that the Diurnal’s kalendar would be followed with the use of appropriate Commons and such, perhaps with some items taken from the EF as needed.

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