Admin Note

Admin Note

I’m doing some work around the site to clean things up, get it all back to code, and generally preparing to do more thinking and writing here

A key task that I’ve completed is restoring the established links to David White’s Anglican Gradual & Sacramentary. While the content is great, the shift from the old WordPerfect files to the present Rich Text Format remains a little clunky, but I don’t have time to address this now.

Rather, I’m going to be putting more time into some breviary clean-ups, actual writing of text, and progress on the long-stalled Anglican Breviary project. So–watch this space and–with God’s help!–more stuff will be showing up here shortly.

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  1. John A. Hau'oli Tomoso+

    Looking forward to your revamped and revised postings….
    Aloha from Maui

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