8 thoughts on “A “Vernacular” Mass

  1. The Anglican Scotist

    Well, what if?

    A proper cultural context for a liturgy that dessicated would be on the outer edge of adequacy to the symbolic needs of revelation. It would be a culture calling for activism aimed at radical reform.

    Even so–the liturgy could still be valid, no?

    And what does that say about our theology?

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    This was written in full sarcasm mode… ;-)

    Would this liturgy be valid? Well, valid in what sense? Valid in that it could be worship acceptable to God? Perhaps. Valid as an expression of Anglican worship? No. Why? Because it lacks the dignity proper to the one being addressed. We are not addressing ourselves. We in our public and corporate worship are addressing the Almighty Creator, the Very Image of the Invisible God, the First-born of All Creation, the Head of the Church, and the Author of our Salvation (to pull in one of my favorite passages from Colossians…). Dignity is required in our language not just because it is fitting but as a reminder to ourselves of the One whom we address.

    “In the beauty of holiness” this ain’t…

  3. Christopher

    Valid is what is minimally required. I don’t think in terms of minimal unless there is a case of pastoral emergency, and then, I should have some good prayers memorized, no? And dignity is fitting because we are want to offer our best, not what is minimal.

    I remember once, quite some time ago, being invited to preach at a UCC congregation (this was when I was in transition from RC to TEC). I was informed the pastor was away and that I was supposed to be available to apply chrism for those who needed healing and to preside as it was Communion Sunday (would I do this now, no, but again, transition). You know what, we did a full one Novus Ordo Eucharistic prayer…because I had them memorized from hearing them every day. And the oil was applied by my thumb to their foreheads in the shape of the cross with the Aaronic blessing (because I had the Bible memorized–didn’t know yet it’s a Lutheran essential and a Mazorabic prayer use as well).

  4. Derek the Ænglican

    I find I have the canon of Eucharistic Prayer A memorized from daily repetition for a period of months at Smokey Mary’s.

    That’s at the heart of the Anglican (and other folks) trust in liturgy. It gets into you without you even knowing it… But the process is aided and accelerated if you’re intentional about it, of course.

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