A Potentially Important Decision

M and I have been thinking and figuring and have addressed the issue of what
to do on Sundays. That is, where the girls and I should attend. Being a
clergy spouse complicates things–and they only get more tangled since I
need to do discernment myself; to my mind it would be a clear conflict of
interests to seek discernment through any parish where M works. Add to that
the issue of her moving parishes every so often and our desire for a stable
worshipping community for the girls. So, I think the girls and I may join
the cathedral.

We went there for Evensong and Eucharist on Sunday; I hadn’t been to
Evensong in a while–not since leaving the North–and it was nice to hear
it. Both liturgies were Rite I which I also appreciated. Unfortunately, the
celebrant blew through the canon of the Mass as if it were a speed-reading
contest and in his haste managed to skip entirely over the Prayer of Humble
Access… Nevertheless, God was duly worshiped and we were both edified and
communed. We’re still exploring this, but this may be the best solution to
our dilemna.

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4 thoughts on “A Potentially Important Decision

  1. LutherPunk

    I know of a Lutheran church not too far away that has a decent traditional liturgy! I hear the associate pastor even owns a copy of Ritual Notes! ;-)

    I don’t envy your position as a clergy spouse. E and I are committed to worshiping in the same church, but she does not have the same issue with discernment that you are dealing with. We have worried about stability for our family as well. I am curious to see how you both resolve this. Blessings in the discernment.

  2. Anastasia

    the cathedral?? wow. I couldn’t take it, but that’s mostly the SUV factor. last time I went, ppl looked at me like I was homeless or something.

    but it does sound like a potentially viable solution to a really difficult problem. I agree with you about the conflict of interest and I also totally agree about needing a stable community for the girls. And lil G is getting old enough now that I think it really does matter.

    Anyway, I hope you figure out something that works.

  3. Gracious Light

    I agree about the SUV crowd but if you decide to do as such, let me know. I’m going to need to join a parish soon in order to facilitate my ship-jumping.

  4. Derek the Ænglican

    Yeah, I’m still studying my options–but probably won’t take too long as timing may be important… GL–I’ll let you know soon what I decide.

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