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AdventAnglican Breviary Online:AboutAsh Wednesday
BenefactorsCircumcision of Our LordCommon Forms
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Feast of St. JohnFeast of St. StephenFeast of St. Thomas BM
Feast of the Holy InnocentsFifth Sunday after TrinityFifth Week after The Epiphany
Fifth Week of OctoberFirst Week after The EpiphanyFirst Week in Advent
First Week in LentFirst Week of OctoberFourth Sunday after Trinity
Fourth Week after The EpiphanyFourth Week in AdventFourth Week in Lent
Fourth Week of OctoberFourth Week of SeptemberGeneral Rubrics
Main PageMatins Responds for Epiphanytide
Monday in Holy WeekNativity of Our LordOct 1: St. Remigius
Oct 2: The Holy Guardian AngelsOct 3: St. Teresa of the Child JesusOct 4: St. Francis
Oct 5: St. Placidus and his CompanionsOct 6: St. BrunoOct 7: Our Lady of Victory
Oct 8: St. Bridget of SwedenOctave of ChristmasOctave of The Epiphany
Ordinary of ComplineOrdinary of LaudsOrdinary of Matins
Ordinary of NoneOrdinary of PrimeOrdinary of Sext
Ordinary of TerceOrdinary of VespersOrdinary of the Divine Office
Passion WeekPlanofworkQuinquagesima Week
SapientiatideSecond Octave of ChristmasSecond Week after The Epiphany
Second Week in AdventSecond Week in LentSecond Week of October
Sep 14: Exaltation of the Holy CrossSep 20: Vigil of St. Matthew the Apostle and EvangelistSep 20 cont.: St. Eustace and his Companions
Sep 21: St. Matthew the Apostle and EvangelistSep 22: St. Thomas of VillanovaSep 23: St. Linus
Sep 24: Our Lady of Mercy and RansomSep 26: SS Cyprian and JustinaSep 27: SS. Cosmas and Damian
Sep 28: St. WenceslasSep 29: St. Michael and All AngelsSep 30: St. Jerome
Septuagesima WeekSexagesima WeekSixth Week after The Epiphany
Table 5 of Matin Responds for the Month of OctoberTable 6 of Matin Responds for the Month of NovemberTemporal Cycle
The Epiphany of the LordThe Sunday Next Before EasterThird Week after The Epiphany
Third Week in AdventThird Week in LentThird Week of October
Trent:Ash Wednesday (and the following three days)Trent:ChristmasTrent:Circumcision Through Epiphany Eve
Trent:Common of Saints - Apostles, Evangelists, and Martyrs in EastertideTrent:Common of Saints - Apostles EvesTrent:Common of Saints - Apostles and Evangelists outside of Eastertide
Trent:Common of Saints - Feasts of Many Martyrs outside of EastertideTrent:Common of Saints - Feasts of One Bishop and ConfessorTrent:Common of Saints - Feasts of One Martyr outside of Eastertide
Trent:Common of Saints - Feasts of a Confessor not a BishopTrent:Common of Saints - For Doctors of the ChurchTrent:Common of Saints - For Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Trent:Common of Saints - For Holy WomenTrent:Common of Saints - For VirginsTrent:Common of Saints - For the Dedication of a Church
Trent:Common of Saints Apostles EvesTrent:Easter Day and Easter WeekTrent:Eighth Week After Pentecost
Trent:Eleventh Week After PentecostTrent:Epiphany and its OctaveTrent:Feast Days in November - All Hallow Mass
Trent:Fifth Week After PentecostTrent:Fifth Week after EpiphanyTrent:Fifth Week of August
Trent:Fifth Week of NovemberTrent:Fifth Week of OctoberTrent:Fifth Week of September
Trent:First Week after EpiphanyTrent:First Week in AdventTrent:First Week of August
Trent:First Week of NovemberTrent:First Week of OctoberTrent:First Week of September
Trent:Fourth Sunday in AdventTrent:Fourth Week After PentecostTrent:Fourth Week after Epiphany
Trent:Fourth Week in AdventTrent:Fourth Week of AugustTrent:Fourth Week of November
Trent:Fourth Week of OctoberTrent:Fourth Week of SeptemberTrent:Good Shepherd Sunday and the Second Week After Easter
Trent:Low Sunday and Low WeekTrent:Ninth Week After PentecostTrent:Palm Sunday and Holy Week
Trent:Passion WeekTrent:QuinquagesimaTrent:Quinquagesima test
Trent:Rogation Sunday and the Fifth Week After EasterTrent:SaturdayBeforeAdventTrent:Saturday Before Advent
Trent:Second Week After PentecostTrent:Second Week after EpiphanyTrent:Second Week in Advent
Trent:Second Week of AugustTrent:Second Week of NovemberTrent:Second Week of October
Trent:Second Week of SeptemberTrent:SeptuagesimaTrent:Seventh Week After Pentecost
Trent:SexagesimaTrent:Sixth Week After PentecostTrent:Sixth Week after Epiphany
Trent:Sunday after Ascension and the Sixth Week After EasterTrent:Tenth Week After PentecostTrent:The Additional Services - Devotions after Communion
Trent:The Additional Services - Grace Before and After MeatTrent:The Additional Services - Prayers for a JourneyTrent:The Additional Services - Preparation for Communion
Trent:The Additional Services - Thanksgiving after CommunionTrent:The Additional Services - The Gradual PsalmsTrent:The Additional Services - The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Trent:The Additional Services - The Office for the DeadTrent:The Additional Services - The Seven Penitential Psalms and the LitanyTrent:The First Week in Lent
Trent:The Fourth Week After EasterTrent:The Fourth Week in LentTrent:The Psalter - Compline
Trent:The Psalter - Friday at LaudsTrent:The Psalter - Friday at MattinsTrent:The Psalter - Lauds of Sunday
Trent:The Psalter - Mattins of SundayTrent:The Psalter - Monday at LaudsTrent:The Psalter - Monday at Mattins
Trent:The Psalter - NoneTrent:The Psalter - PrimeTrent:The Psalter - Saturday at Lauds
Trent:The Psalter - Saturday at MattinsTrent:The Psalter - SextTrent:The Psalter - Terce
Trent:The Psalter - Thursday at LaudsTrent:The Psalter - Thursday at MattinsTrent:The Psalter - Tuesday at Lauds
Trent:The Psalter - Tuesday at MattinsTrent:The Psalter - Vespers, or EvensongTrent:The Psalter - Wednesday at Lauds
Trent:The Psalter - Wednesday at MattinsTrent:The Second Week in LentTrent:The Third Week After Easter
Trent:The Third Week in LentTrent:The Votive OfficesTrent:The Votive Offices-Office in Honour of All Holy Angels, for Mondays.
Trent:The Votive Offices - Office in Honour of St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Patron of the Catholic ChurchTrent:The Votive Offices - Office in Honour of all the Holy Apostles, for Tuesdays.Trent:The Votive Offices - Office in Honour of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for Saturdays
Trent:The Votive Offices - Office in Honour of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, for ThursdaysTrent:The Votive Offices - Office in Honour of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for FridaysTrent:The Week following Christmas Day
Trent:Third Sunday in AdventTrent:Third Week After PentecostTrent:Third Week after Epiphany
Trent:Third Week in AdventTrent:Third Week of AugustTrent:Third Week of November
Trent:Third Week of OctoberTrent:Third Week of SeptemberTrent:Trinity Sunday and the First Week After Pentecost
Trent:Whitsun Day and Whitsun WeekTrent:file to work on seasonal offices in mhsaTrinity and the Week After
Tuesday in Holy Week