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Plan of Work

Broadly speaking, the work will begin with the Temporal Cycle, following the seasons of the Church Year. Breviary Sections C and D will be scheduled for completion first. Following their completion, Section E will be completed next.

Timelines for completion will depend upon the amount of time available for work and the contributions of volunteers. At this point in the project, there is no way to assess what these will be. Taking the original estimate of 10 minutes of labor per printed page, the 795 pages of Sections C and D will require 132.5 work-hours to complete. As the project matures, we will gain a clearer sense of the accuracy of this calculation.

Section Allotments

Derek: The Feast of the Holy Trinity and the Week After (C442-C458)
Fr. Gregory: The First Week of Advent (C1-C12)
C. E. Yoder: The Second Week of Advent (C12b-C21) Completed!
Adam Spencer: The Third Sunday of Advent (C21-C25)
escocesbarrilero: Sapientiatide [O Antiphons] (C26-C29) Completed!
Walter: Within the Third Week of Advent (C30-C36) Completed!
escocesbarrilero: The Fourth Week of Advent (C36-C45) Completed!
David: Vigil of the Nativity of Our Lord (C45-C47)
Walter: The Nativity of our Lord (C48-C64) Completed!
Richard Palmer: St. Stephen & St. John (C64-C73) </strike> Completed!
C. E. Yoder: Holy Innocents (C73-C81) Completed!
Richard Palmer: St Thomas Becket through St. Sylvester (C81-C91) Completed!
escocesbarrilero: The Circumcision of Our Lord (C91-C98) Completed!
Walter Zonenberg: Octave of St. Stephen through the Vigil of the Epiphany (C98-C106) Completed!
Richard Palmer: Feast of the Epiphany (C107-C118) Completed!
escocesbarrilero: First Sunday after the Epiphany through the Fifth Day in the Octave (C119-C130) Transcribed! Needs markup
John: The Sixth and Seventh Days in the Octave of Epiphany (C130-C134)
Richard Palmer: The Octave Day of the Ephiphany, The First Sunday and the Week Following (C134-C145) Completed!
Caleb: The Second Week after The Epiphany (C145-C151)