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Benefactors of the Original Edition

Of the slow and careful building of God's temple in ancient times it is written, The work was great, for the palace was not for man, but for God. In this spirit many laboured, for over thirty years, to enrich the Church by the provision of this Breviary for the stimulation of liturgical prayer and worship amongst us. They gave their services, for they had nothing else to give. When it came time to publish, they waited on God in faith, that the wherewithal might be provided. He put it into the hearts of the faithful to offer financial assistance, so that each section of the Breviary, as it was set up and paged, was paid for in advance. Thus only the printing, binding and handling cost needs to be assumed as a debt by the Liturgical Foundation. The prayers of all who use this book are therefore confidently asked for those in whose memory these large gifts were given, and to whom the various parts of the Breviary are dedicated, as set forth after the Title page in the list of Dedications in the forefront of this book.

--Anglican Breviary, p. xi

Section Dedications

Section A: To THE REVEREND FRANK GAVIN Catholic in Mind and Heart and Life who laboured mightily for God's Kingdom on Earth (Oct. 2, 1890 - March 20, 1938)

Section B: To JOSEPHINE McILVAINE COLE Who imitated Chione of the IV Century of whom this epitaph was written: She found Jerusalem for she prayed much (June 17, 1866 - Aug. 21, 1948)

Section D: To CHARLES CROSBY DICKEY A lawyer devoted to God's justice on earth and to the works of the Kingdom of heaven

Section E: To CLOTILDE CLARA STANTON Who loved all living and departed Saints and left a bequest used for this Breviary (May 14, 1878 - Nov. 2, 1944)

Section F: To RALPH ADAMS CRAM Architect-philosopher-churchman who taught a generation of Americans the dignity of worship (Dec. 16, 1863 - Oct. 9, 1942)

Section G: To HARRY DUTCHER VIETS Friend-Priest-Pastor; This dedication is made by one of his spiritual sons who prays God's blessings on him always

Section H: To EDWARD KENNARD RAND Pope Professor of Latin at Harvard; Devout Scholar and Learned Christian Humanist; Co-founder of The Mediaeval Academy of America (December 20, 1871 - October 28, 1945)

Section S: To THE MANY DONORS OF SPECIAL GIFTS Made to The Gavin Liturgical Foundation to aid in publishing this Breviary

Grace unto them, and peace, from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Benefactors of the Electronic Edition

The conversion from a print format to a digital one also requires resources. From web hosting and domain registration costs to underwriting the programming, this work cannot continue without contributions from generous benefactors. Those below gave of their resources to make this new edition possible:

Christopher C. Green, M.D. Ph.D.
Richard Mammana