I’ve got an About Me page that tells you a bit about me—but it doesn’t say what I’m up to at this moment… So this is my “Now!” page where I let you know what projects I’m currently working on.

Come See Me!

  • On Wednesday, May 23rd through Friday the 25th, 2018, I’ll be speaking at and participating in the 2018 annual conference of the Scholar-Priest Society at the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas.

Research/Writing Projects

  • Volume 1 of the Cassiodorus Book Project is out now (12/2017) from Liturgical Press. This book, entitled Honey of Souls: Cassiodorus and the Interpretation of the Psalms in the Early Medieval West, is the first full-length treatment of the Explanation of the Psalms written by the 6th-century author Senator Cassiodorus. This commentary on all 150 psalms is remarkable because it is one of only two complete commentaries on the psalms that circulated in the medieval West. The other was by Augustine, and Cassiodorus used Augustine’s work as a starting point and worked in relationship to it. In doing so, Cassiodorus literally created the book that taught the early middle ages how to read! This books asks the nuts-and-bolts questions: What was Cassiodorus trying to do, and how did he accomplish it? It’s roughly 110,000 words (a “regular-sized” book) and is intended for interested lay people, clergy, and is entirely suitable for a college-level introduction on how medieval readers encountered the psalms and how the psalter formed the basis for early medieval reading, writing, and praying. (updated 12/27/17)
  • Volume 2 of the Cassiodorus Book Project, this is the “so what?” volume. Picking up where Honey of Souls left off, Psalming Christ: Praying the Psalms with Cassiodorus takes the next logical step and asks how the reading method of Cassiodorus can inform modern Christians as we seek to pray the psalms like he did. The idea here isn’t to plop a medieval reading practice into the modern church, but to look at his method from the perspective of modern people with a different understanding of spirituality, psychology, and the biblical text and to see what we can learn from him. This volume is still in the writing stage; pieces of it are starting to appear on the blog. (updated 12/27/17)


  • During the Fall 2018 semester at the Ecumenical Institute of St. Mary’s Seminary and University I’ll be teaching two classes, Early/Medieval Church and an exegetical class on Mark/Matthew.

Occasional Writing

  • Trying to update the blog at least twice a week. Most of the content recently has come from Psalming Christ.