Liturgies of the Order of Julian of Norwich

This material appears here by the gracious permission of Fr. John-Julian, the founder of the Order of Julian of Norwich and the author/editor/arranger of the order’s liturgies. The order’s worship follows traditional Anglo-Catholic patterns including many of the classic breviary hymns, the Marian Antiphons, and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Square-notation plainsong is the order of the day though some music items do appear in modern notation. While traditional, the liturgies here are in “Rite II” or contemporary English. To avoid copyright issues and for the greater glory of God many of the translations found throughout this body of work were either done or were edited by Fr. John-Julian himself. Keep checking back as more materials become available.

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Here is a brief plainchant customary used by the order: (PlainchantCustomaryOJN)

Daily Offices

The Order uses the Rite II Daily Offices of the American ’79 Book of Common Prayer with some special modifications. Noonday Prayer is the only one that contains significant divergences from the BCP for it reflects the special emphasis of the order upon its patron saint, referring more explicitly to her words and spiritual practices. The ordines of the order are traditional, reading the current BCP Offices through the lens of the classical Breviary. I note in particular the consistent use of the Benedictus (Song of Zechariah) as the Second Canticle of Morning Prayer; the use of the Phos Hilaron as the lamplighting hymn, thus both including this great text yet allowing Evening Prayer to retain its original shape; and, of course, the Angelus/Regina Coeli before the Offices and the appending of the Marian Antiphons to the end of Compline.

The text was scanned and the picture files directly inserted into a PDF. The originals were front to back; there is occasional bleed-through of text from one side to another. That having been said, these files are intended to be produced in the same way; that is, they should be printed front to back if possible. There are two page numbers missing from the overall sequence because they were blank verso pages that allowed the next Office to begin on a new recto. (I will put these back in shortly…)

The Daily Office Use of the order is now complete. The next material to be added is the Office Hymnal. I plan to scan and format it so that it will match the other files in page orientation allowing all of the Office materials to be bound together.

1. The Office Liturgies

Note: These materials are superseded

by what appears on the Order’s own page

The Complete Offices: (AllOfficesOJN)

Spoken Morning Prayer: (MorningPrayerOJN)

Sung Morning Prayer: (MorningSongOJN)

Noonday Prayer: (NoonPrayerOJN)

Sung Evening Prayer: (EvensongOJN)

Compline (including Marian Anthems): (ComplineOJN)

2. The Collects

Collects (includes all Temporal, Sanctoral and Votive collects) : (CollectsOJN)

3. The Psalter

Plainchant Psalter: (PsalterOJN)


In addition to his work on the Offices, Fr. John-Julian has also provided eight sung masses for the order. These hearken back to the work of the father of modern Anglican plainsong, Canon Winfred Douglas, but use Rite II (contemporary language) from the current Book of Common Prayer. Canon Douglas in his Kyriale combined elements from different liber masses to formulate his arrangements from which these have been taken. Thus, titles above the staff line indicate the original source from which the particular element comes.

The masses included here are the:

  • Missa de Angelis
  • Missa Marialis
  • Missa Penitentialis
  • Kyrie Rex Splendens
  • Missa Paschalis
  • Missa Dominicalis
  • Missa Solemnis
  • Kyrie Orbis Factor

The source from which I was scanning has a spiral binding. As a result, the scans are not always as straight as I would like them to be. I hope to remedy this in the future, but for now I will post both a PDF version and a DOC version. If you wish to use these in, say, bulletins you may want to straighten them a bit with photo editing software; the DOC format will give you direct access to the GIF files.Eight Plainsong Masses (PDF): (PlainsongMassesOJN)

Eight Plainsong Masses (DOC): (PlainsongMassesOJNdoc)

The graduals, sequences, and tracts mentioned on the title page coordinate with the old BCP calendar; with the change to the Revised Common Lectionary they are now out of date. Replacements are in the works but will not be available for quite a while…

Additional Liturgies

On a technical note, I have received some of these as Word documents but I lack the fonts with which they were created. As a result, these have a different feel and page-breaks than the “originals”. I have uniformly applied the “Garamond” (the Prayer book font) to the files until I can access the originals and put them into PDF format.

OJN Offices of the Dead: (OfficesOfTheDeadOJN) This file contains liturgies for Morning Prayer (Matins+Lauds), Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer (Vespers), and a procession.

OJN Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament: (BenedictionOJN) This booklet provides the liturgy for Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament according to the order’s use.