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For Gadget-Happy Americans: A Grim Reminder

As somebody who’s currently sitting in front of two computers and a smartphone, this is a must-read reminder of the costs of these devices: The fact is, we’re going to keep buying our consumer electronics. The good news is, doing … Continue reading

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Will Revolt For Food

(I’m still “away” but I couldn’t let this go unremarked…) From the Independent by way of TOD, bls and Dean Knisely: Thousand of protesters took to the streets, waving the orange flags of the opposition. Before long, looting began. Buildings … Continue reading

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Understanding the Credit Crisis

I just ran across this little clip which does a great job of explaining what’s going on with the whole subprime drama–check it out.

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Thoughts on Food via Lee

Lee’s put up a review of a review of a cookbook which inspires me to think out loud a bit about food. The points raised about cooking are spot on—that is, cooking is an essential skill that Americans need to … Continue reading

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New Year Prognostications

A number of folks have linked to a quite memorable set of predictions for the forthcoming year from James Kunstler’s Fustercluck Nation blog. I think that 2008 has demonstrated the fragility of our current economic system. In particular I think … Continue reading

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Had to note this. My crystal ball predicts that things in Africa will be getting worse for the grand majority of residents over the next several decades as the industrialized economies calculate the exact limits of our zero-sum resource game. … Continue reading

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