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Perspectives on Ælfric

I’m reading through the LME again for a project I’m working on. Once again, I find myself baffled concerning the place of Ælfric in the modern academy. There’s a folktale with wide circulation—I first...


Bede to a Bishop

Speaking of “Celtic” and Early English monasticism, Jonathan Jarrett has helpfully put up online Bede’s letter to Egbert of York. Almost makes me want to post up some of Aelfric’s Pastoral Letters…


Book Lust

Richard Pfaff—big name in liturgical manuscripts for those unfamiliar—comes out with a winner:  The Liturgy in Medieval England. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!


History Meme

Both Jonathan and Michelle tapped me for this one so here goes… Instructions: Link to the person who tagged you. List 7 random/weird things about your favorite historical figure. Tag seven more people at...


On the Avatar and Liturgy

Michelle at Heavenfield was asking about avatars. And I’ve been intending to get back to talking about early medieval liturgy. Sorry, but putting together a pedagogically helpful structured sequence of posts that lay everything...