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Modern Myths

Continuing the thoughts on engaging a secularized society from the previous post but one, I approach the issue of a secular age from a slightly different direction. Rather than starting from secularity, I start by looking for myth and go … Continue reading

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Thinking about the Secular Age and Church Futures

One of the things I find myself thinking about more and more these days is interacting with a culture and society not engaged with the church and does not see the church as a useful source for answers (or even … Continue reading

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Church as Resource 1

I saw two things yesterday that made me remember a third and that tapped into something that I’ve been thinking quite seriously about for a while now. The first was Kyle Oliver’s post on Formation with Young Adults. Do read … Continue reading

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Songs of Absence

[This was first published during Holy Week 2014] My daughters, 10 and 8, are approaching the end of their first year at a Christian school. It’s been a bit of a shift for us, moving from the public school system. One … Continue reading

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Honestly Be Who You Are

Two things have caught my eye over the past couple of days that are well worth underlining. The first was a bit from The Lead on the Church of England’s growth study. Of the 8 things ennumerated as things linked … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a bit about the whole Spiritual-But-Not-Religious (SBNR) classification. Folks tell us it’s growing; anecdotally, I’ve got a number of Facebook friends who identify this way. As the Church writ broadly looks at mission/evangelism/formation, this is the group … Continue reading

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Guerilla Evangelism!

I’m back from vacation and am now behind in every single facet of my life. It’ll take a while to fight back to the surface. To keep you all occupied until then, I think it’s time that we take the … Continue reading

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Goth Ministry Write-up

Craig, a friend of the blog, has sent me word of a write-up on the work that he’s doing in Birmingham (UK) with the goth/emo community. It involves a combination of a real life and Second Life initiative to do … Continue reading

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